Richmond Fair will not go on as planned this Sunday

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) -  The Richmond Fair is a no-go this weekend. Organizers did not get the necessary permits from the Richmond Police department to hold the event at The Diamond.

You've seen the ads on television, the Richmond Fair was supposed to kick off Sunday. But, organizers with Fair Nation Incorporated say it now looks like the event will be pushed back, possibly a week or more.

"I don't agree with their decision I don't pretend to be a police officer as well as they don't pretend to be promoters but I don't agree with it," said Phillip Downing with Fair Nation Inc.

Downing says he doesn't know why he didn't get the proper permits from police. But says the ordeal is costing his company a pretty penny in advertising and transportation costs.

"If it doesn't happen so far we're in the hole $200,000," said Downing.

Downing says after reaching a compromise with Richmond Police Chief Norwood Monday about having an eight day fair instead of ten for security staffing reasons - he thought he was in the clear and would be issued permits on Tuesday.

But Downing says he was then told by police he had to fill out a standard application first.

Downing says the group that was supposed to operate the fair midway is now up in Maryland under a two week obligation. The hope is to have them return to The Diamond here in Richmond for Downing's fair once he solidifies the dates.

"The ride company did do what they had to do," said Downing.

Downing says he's tentatively shooting for next Friday, July 24, as a new start date for a ten day event. Something Richmonder Jennifer Guild would consider attending if it ever happens.

"I like to support lots of community events but it I enjoy going to fairs so I might be interested in going," said Guild.

Downing says he's been dealing with Richmond Police on this since June 17. We put in a call to the department to find out its side of the story but haven't heard back.

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