Ghost story: Strange sightings in Chesterfield

By Matt Butner - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Strange things are afoot at a Chesterfield restaurant. Workers and customers have been seeing, hearing and feeling things they just can't explain.

So, they've turned to a local team of ghost hunters -- a group called Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations took the case.

NBC12's Matt Butner joined them as they spent the night searching for answers.

"What drives us is that need to know. We need to know," said Jackie Tomlin, a member of the investigation team.

It's that 'need to know' that has brought Tomlin and her team on a Saturday night to this Chesterfield bar and restaurant, which stands today on the site of an old family farm. It's a place with a history of strange happenings.

"I was capping a bottle, and when I was trying to cap the bottle, something was pulling my hand away, it wouldn't let me cap it," said team member Rick Alexander.

"It makes for an interesting evening sometimes when you're by yourself walking through the restaurant and you feel the presence," Alexander said.

After closing time, when the barstools are empty, and only a handful of employees remain, Jackie and her crew get to work.

"Lots of boxes of gadgets that we play with," said Tomlin.

The goal is to use audio and video recordings, along with photographs to confirm that something is here, and to offer reassurance to people who doubt their own sanity.

"The first sentence I get from everyone -- I have been to college, I am a working professional -- I am not crazy! But I have moved into this location, and this is what's happening," said Tomlin.

This isn't the first time the team has been to this particular haunt -- during a past investigation, Jackie and her crew were able to identify several spirits, some even by name.

"The little boy we call Phillip," Tomlin said.

Of course, there are skeptics, even among the investigation crew. Even Jackie, a a self-proclaimed 'believer', admits that most of what they record can be explained.

"We take the scientific approach," Tomlin said. "Every angle is looked at, adjoining cameras so we can account for everyone."

On this night, a few things happened that could be described as weird. As soon as the crew arrived, everybody's cell phone lost service, including mine. Later, on the video, a mysterious orb seems to fly behind me as i stand in the kitchen.

During the hours-long evidence review, Jackie and the team were able to catch a few strange images and noises, but not the conclusive proof that every ghost hunter craves.

"You're waiting for that moment when you get that full-bodied apparition on camera. The likelihood of that ever happening -- slim to none," Tomlin said.

But that won't discourage them from trying -- from asking those questions brought on by their need to know: IS THERE ANYBODY HERE WITH US TONIGHT?

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