Summertime curfew enforcement in effect in Hopewell

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - Because of the rise in crime during the summer months, Hopewell police will conduct curfew sweeps to make sure teens are where they're supposed to be at night.

Whether they like it or not, when the sun goes down, Wanda Kelley says her teenage children are at home where she can keep an eye on them.

"I think you have to be a stern mom and take control because if you let them out after curfew it's just asking for problems," said Kelley.

Some teens agree.

"If a kid is out there past ten o'clock they're out there getting in trouble," said 17 year old Ryan White.

But others say it doesn't matter what time of day.

"If you're trying to stop kids from vandalizing just by doing a curfew that's not going to stop them I know people who go out and vandalize two o'clock on the daytime," said 18 year old Cameron Dereski.

One week ago, Hopewell police kicked off a series of summer "curfew sweeps". Five teens in violation were picked up and brought back home to mom and dad.

Unless they're with a parent or guardian, children 15 and under in Hopewell can't be out past 10pm. 16 and 17 year olds have until midnight to get home. The curfew ends at 6am. Teens who have jobs that keep them past curfew or are attending a school or church function are exempt.

Police say they're trying to curb crimes of opportunity like vandalism and burglaries they're also trying to keep kids out of harms way.

"A lot of people who are out past that time at night fall victim to crime so while they are committing a violation of curfew they themselves could become a victim of crime," said Hopewell Police Lt. Joe Sumner.

Teen violators could be cited.  Parents can also get ticketed for their children's behavior.

Here's a break down of three more localities:

Chesterfield's curfew for anyone under 18 is 11pm.

Henrico, the curfew for anyone 16 and under is also 11pm.

In Richmond, it's also 11pm for anyone under 18.

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