July 9: Restaurant Report

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - From missing expiration dates to dirty pots & pans, 18 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report. We start in Chesterfield.

For 21 years, Halteh's II Pizza & Subs (2005 Huguenot Road) in Chesterfield has been serving family favorites, in a family atmosphere.

The owner's daughter, Heather Halteh, says "From white pizzas, to gyros, burgers...this right here was my grandmother's recipe."

Owner George Halteh says, "I've had many great years here raising my 3 children.  It's been fun.  We've all had a great time."

The restaurant has also enjoyed an impressive health record over the years.  But on a recent inspection, the health department uncovered 4 critical violations, including one for an employee who handled raw ground beef with their bare hands & then resumed other tasks without washing.

Heather, who was working that day, admits it was a big mistake.  She says, "We were really busy on that day, and when you're swamped sometimes you're trying to do a lot of things at one time.  Sometimes you don't stop to wash your hands, even though I know you're supposed to do that."

Two weeks later, an inspector cleared Halteh's of all critical violations.  Heather says, "It really opened our eyes & we know the things we need to work on and are trying to do that now."

And Heather & her father say their customers can be confident in the Halteh name.

"We've taken care of the things we needed to take care of.  We're just here to make them happy & do the best we can," says Heather.

Staying in Chesterfield, Little Saigon (10012 Robious Road), with 4 critical. An inspector cited employees for handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands & reported that no hand washing took place during the entire inspection. Hand washing violations were found again during a health inspector's follow-up visit nearly one month later.

Moving on to Richmond, Cary Street Café (2631 West Cary Street) with 5 critical violations, including ready-to-eat black beans & deli meats not dated for disposition. A health inspector reported only one violation to have been corrected 10 days later.

And finally, in Hopewell, James Soul & Seafood (1202 Arlington Road) with 5 critical. Among them, pots & pans soiled to sight & touch. A follow-up report is not yet available.

Now for this week's Hall of Fame, our award goes to Pepicellis Pizza (208 South Washington Highway) in Ashland for a perfect inspection May 27th!