Text message quiz answers

Here are the answers to the text message quiz:

1- D46 ((Down for sex))

2- LH6  ((Let's have sex))

3- GNOC ((Get naked on camera))

4- NIFOC ((naked in front of camera))

5- TDTM  ((Talk dirty to me))

6- ASL   ((Age/Sex/Location))

7- LMIRL ((Lets meet in real life))

8- UDI   ((Unidentifed drinking injury))

9-  8   ((Oral sex))

10- GAB  ((Getting a Beer))

How did you do?

8-10 correct:  Text master- You are prepared to keep up with your kids

5-8 correct:    Texter in training-  You have the idea, but need some work.

0-4 correct:    Text neophyte-  You need to brush up before the technology passes you by.

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