Local fans gather to watch memorial service

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Here at home Michael Jackson fans gathered in movie theatres, restaurants, even barber shops to watch the King of Pop's memorial service.

From the internet to the big screen fans tuned-in or logged-on to watch what's being described as a historical event. Fans we spoke with say today isn't a day to mourn Jackson's death - but a day to celebrate his life.

At KISS FM Michael Jackson fans light up the lines, sharing their thoughts.

"I want to give my love to the Jackson family - I'm going to miss Michael," said a caller.

And memories...

"When I got to high school I wanted to be Michael Jackson," said another caller.

About the King of Pop. From the music, to the memorial service. Many fans, like Carrie Whittier, took time to watch the historic event. She's at work but spent her lunch break glued to the television set.

"All of my first memories are with Michael Jackson songs...first dance at junior high. For me Michael Jackson is the soundtrack of my life so I think its important take time out," said Whittier.

We found Jackson fans across the Richmond metro area gathered at businesses like this barber shop. Customers and employees watching Jackson's last appearance on stage.

"It's a historical event. Michael Jackson is a musical icon and he's pulled people from all over together," said Derrick Freeman.

Something Hauwa Jaffar knows firsthand. She grew up in Nigeria.

"I heard his music all my life. I think it's important to pay tribute in his final hours," Hauwa Jaffar said.

Fans say the man may be gone. But his music will live on forever.

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