Bicycle safety an issue after another cyclist killed

By Jola Szubielski - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Brian Bryant commutes to work in the West End from the Southside. And for him biking is the only way to go.

"It's a great way to get to work and saves money," said Bryant, who works for Conte's Bicycles and Fitness Equipment.

But just like driving, safety is always a concern and a priority.

"I wear two flashing  red lights on my back and its paramount that you do that, you have to be seen," Bryant said.

Bryant recommends the same to all his customers.  Lights, a helmet, bright clothing -- the responsibilities of each cyclist on the road.

Yesterday's horrific accident that claimed the life of a man biking on West Broad was just another reminder of the dangers on the roadway.

"With the downed economy and gas prices up, we're seeing more and more people ride bicycles walk and take alternative forms of transportation. so as a result I think we've seen more accidents," said Champe Burnley, Richmond Area Bicycling Association President.

Just last week another cyclist was injured after being hit by a tractor trailer in Chesterfield county.

Both incidents are still under investigation -- preliminary reports on yesterday's accident indicate the cyclist was traveling west on Broad Street and attempted to make a left turn onto Horsepen "against" the red arrow.. And into the path of an oncoming car headed east.

If that's the case, it was a mistake that cost this man his life.

But safety advocates say it's a two way street -- just as cyclists need to ride smart, motorists need to drive smart too.

"Everybody needs to obey the rules of the road, we want to make sure people aren't casual about being out there. When you're out there on the roads, bike, walking or driving, it's a dangerous potential situation, you need to take that seriously."

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