Henrico police seek public's help in exposure cases

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico police need your help tracking down a man who disrobed in a popular mall parking lot. And that's not all he did. Police have taken several exposure reports in the past month, the latest case happened in the parking lot of the Regency Square Mall.

Police say it was early, on Wednesday morning. The female victim just arrived for work. She heard a man rev the engine of his car nearby. And when she looked over - he was inside naked, and touching himself, before he sped away.

"I think it's sad that people have the need to do that," said Diane Gilkenson.

She has been the victim of this kind of crime before.

"In my opinion, yes, it's just best to ignore it and pretend like you didn't even see it," Diane said.

But that's not an option for the police who are now tracking the Regency case, and several others reported in the past month.

"We've had a few sporadic exposures throughout the county, but there are no emerging trends or any great numbers," said Henrico Police Lt. Greg Dillard.

Henrico police have taken nine cases of "flashing" or "exposure" since June first. Four have led to arrests. Including the ones in the west end, at an Eversham Road Apartment and a Kohl's on West Broad Street.

In the east end - arrests were made in the Dollar Tree flashing on South Laburnum and another report from Lee Avenue.

"In this type of crime, a lot of times there not a lot that the victim can do to prevent this from happening to them in a public place," said Dillard.

Police are recommending potential victims try to be a "professional witness" in case it happens again.

"As far as birthmarks on suspects or even damage on vehicles, models of cars, any details can help us tie cases together," Dillard said.

With five cases, including the most recent mall flashing still unsolved - police and neighbors hope good eyewitnesses come forward.

"This is not behavior that can be condoned by any means at all. I hope that the incidences will diminish and cease," said resident Louis Rosenstock.

To report a case of exposure, call Henrico Police at 501-5000.

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