UPDATE: Artillery shell found in Petersburg landfill

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Petersburg police, state police, and the bomb squad spent much of the day at the Petersburg City Landfill. This after someone found what appeared to be an artillery shell.

Cannon balls and artillery shells aren't uncommon sights in historic Petersburg - but this was a different situation. This appears to be a modern military explosive where we're told that surveyors out at the landfill off East Washington Street earlier Friday accidentally stumbled across the round which appears to be from the World War Two era.

The bomb squad spent hours out at the site. They x-rayed the device to determine if it posed a danger, then since it's a relatively modern shell, they tried to get a serial number, so they can track where it came from. Come to find out - this shell is what they call a training ordinance, meaning it's a blank.

"Our bomb technicians have examined the artillery shell and determined it's a training unit. It's inert and poses no danger to anybody or anything," said Virginia State Police Sgt. James Elmore.

Sgt. Elmore says it's not that uncommon for people with World War 2 veterans in the family to come across a military souvenir, and not know how to properly dispose of it. He suggests that if you come across something like this in your attic or garage to immediately call police.

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