Police Chief, new recruits run through Church Hill

Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -   The chief of police and Richmond's new recruiting class were hitting the streets in the historic Church Hill District Wednesday evening.

The class did its daily physical activity by running through the streets of Church Hill with police chief Bryan Norwood.  The chief and other commanding officers join the group once a week.  This run was a way for soon-to-be officers to get to know their communities.

"This will be part of their beats," said Chief Bryan Norwood, Richmond Police Department.  "Many of the officers you see here will have to patrol this area.  And we want them to be familiar with every part of the city so you will see this happen frequently throughout the tour."

Edward Christian, who has lived in Church Hill for 72 years, says "if you don't have police presence then the criminal element will believe that there's no opposition, they can do what they want to do."

Norwood says running through the neighborhoods gives the class a familiarity with the people and geography of the city.

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