More flu cases at VCU

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two more cases of what's believed to be swine flu have cropped up on the VCU campus bringing the total there to six. This as Virginia confirmed its second death linked to the illness.

A VCU spokesperson says having six cases on the campus does not qualify as an outbreak. Four of those sickened have since gotten better. One doctor says it's unusual this time of year, but he's also treated several others for what likely is swine flu.

What may be swine flu at VCU isn't what's driving away Bryce Castillo. The second year student left with his parents Wednesday for a long July 4th holiday weekend.

"I'm a little surprised because I haven't heard about it in a while but I hear it's still really widespread," said Castillo.

Virginia did record its second death on Wednesday - this time in the Arlington Health District. The man had an underlying health condition.

The state is no longer testing for swine flu, because most flu cases are H1N1. The recent cases Dr. Ken Lucas has seen at Patient First, have been mild like the ones at VCU. Still, it's unusual this time of year.

"If we see people with fever and body aches in the summer we're in tune to think about other things tick borne illnesses things like that," said Dr. Lucas.

He says Tamiflu is doing its job.

"It works best if we see you early in the course of the illness 48 hours we like to catch you," said Dr. Lucas.

Castillo, an orientation assistant at VCU, has little concern.

"We all live kind of together as co-workers and sometimes there's a little bit of a panic because you think what if my roommate has it"

Dr. Lucas can't stress enough: if you are sick stay home.

"If you're sitting next to somebody who looks sick move," said Dr. Lucas.

VCU officials say of the two still recovering from the flu, one went home, the other is nursing themselves back to health in their dorm room.

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