Plans move forward for new fire station in Dinwiddie

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DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - A new multi-million dollar fire station will soon be built in our area. Firefighters at Ford Volunteer Fire Department have one of the oldest and outdated facilities in Dinwiddie County. Now, plans are moving forward to improve that problem.

Firefighters at the department actually sleep on the floor or in chairs when they stay overnight at the station. It's just one uncomfortable inconvenience that will soon be a thing of the past.

It's the 2nd oldest fire station in Dinwiddie County. Built in the early 70's, Ford Volunteer Fire Department responds to about 600 calls annually. A number that's on the rise.

"We've actually outgrown this station with the way the community has grown, the demand for service. The building is just not adequate anymore," Chief Alvin Langley.

Chief Langley says there's not enough space to park the fire trucks and there's nowhere in the station for firefighters to eat, cook, or sleep.

"We sleep in chairs. We sleep on the floors," said Chief Langley.

That's about to change. The county has acquired land for the construction of a new fire station. A 4 acre piece of property that's sits next door to the present fire station.

The new station is expected to costs about 2 million dollars. Chief Langley says more volunteers would be willing to man the new fire station 24 hours because they will have a sleeping area. For residents, that could mean a quicker response time in the event of an emergency.

Dennis Stinnett lives near the ford volunteer fire department. Like many of his neighbors, he says with the county's budget problems - money for the new building could be better used elsewhere.

"Maybe put that money toward education and upgrading the school system. There are other areas that probably need the money worse," said Stinnett.

It's an argument chief Langley says isn't surprising. He says in the end a new fire station will help volunteers better help you.

The chief says it would cost just as much to add on to the present facility as it would to build a new station. Once the new station is up and running next year, the old facility will be used to store equipment.

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