UFOs, mysterious rings over Kings Dominion?

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - The speculation continues -- all across the country people are wondering just what is that mysterious ring over Kings Dominion?

The youtube video is convincing. A perfectly shaped ring, levitating over Kings Dominion -- and the buzz is growing.

"What did you hear?  That it was beside the Eiffel Tower -- so what do you think?  I think it's real," said Mary George.

Park visitors and UFO enthusiasts agree -- aliens are scouting out Kings Dominion for a potential landing site.

"I've been teasing the grandkids, if it comes down, we'll catch another ride,  a free ride here today," said Mary George.

It makes sense. If aliens visited Roswell, New Mexico ... now they are headed for Doswell, Virginia!  And park staffers are loving the free publicity.

"It's been pretty phenomenal with what we think is a basic appearance we see all the time," said John Pagel, marketing manager for Kings Dominion.

Despite compelling video evidence, Pagel said it's not a flying saucer.

"We are not denying the existence of any ET life existence outside of our universe, but this specific instant is a smoke ring from our volcano."

On our visit to the park, we caught that smoke on our cameras. But no ring -- to see the mystery ring, the weather has to be just right.

"Typically hot weather, high humidity, still winds," he said.

It's on days like that when the ring can stay intact for up to 10 minutes, and sometimes four or five will stack up on top of each other.

It's all about the wind.  The weather was not right the day of our visit to catch that mysterious smoke ring.  You could feel the wind blowing.  That smoke ring formed, and it immediately dissipated.

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