Richmond police arrest 7 in connection with robberies

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Seven people are facing charges in connection with robberies across Richmond. Police arrested six men and one juvenile all in the last week.

Detectives at the Third Precinct have been working hard trying to solve these cases for the last month. The robberies started June 9 and went right through this weekend. With seven people behind bars, this side of the city is now a little safer.

Third Precinct detectives say the individuals robbed people from the southside of the city to The Fan. While none of these crimes or any of the suspects are connected, they have one thing in common: the alleged crooks saw an opportunity and took it.

"None of these incidents have been someone who has been targeted for a robbery. It has simply been a target of opportunity, a target of chance," said Third Precinct Commander Captain William Smith.

To keep yourself from becoming that target, police suggest being aware of your surroundings, traveling in groups and calling police if you see anything suspicious.

Overall violent crime is down in the Third Precinct. Individual robberies are down almost 20% from this time last year. For Stephen Holicky crime is hitting too close to home. He lives on the same block where someone was robbed just two weeks ago.

"I'm glad to hear that they're apprehended but that doesn't mean that robberies are going to stop by any means," said Holicky. "One less around the area is better, but that doesn't mean that it's stopped."

Investigators say they worked with narcotics officers to break some of these cases because some of the suspects robbed people to support drug habits.

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