New 'Giga' roller coaster at King's Dominion?

Posted by Phil Riggan - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Roller coaster fans should start getting excited.

Word on the street is that Kings Dominion has started building its tallest coaster ever -- one that's a 'giga' coaster. That's a special name for rides that top 300 feet. That would dwarf the 176 feet tall coaster that is now the current height leader at the Hanover County amusement park.

We captured of the secret construction site, tucked in the back corner of the park.... And some brand new tracks being laid out in a deserted parking lot. Kings Dominion representatives aren't saying much...but we did get John Pagel from the marketing department at Kings Dominion to acknowledge that something is planned.  See the video at right for his comments.

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