Activists chain themselves to doghouse to support animal freedoms

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Activists trying to combat animal cruelty spent eight hours chained to dog-houses in Richmond Saturday.

It was all part of an effort to bring awareness to what they call "the pain of animals."

The Dogs Deserve Better campaign claims caging or chaining a dog can cause severe psychological disorders.

"Dogs are pack animals. They're social animals. They want to be in the home with you," said participant Lisa Compton. "To have a dog chained or penned outside 24/7, why have the dog? If you're not going to make it part of your family, why have the dog?"

Just a reminder, Richmond laws prevent dog owners from leaving their pets tethered outside for more than one hour a day.

The ordnance was passed in 2007 to combat animal cruelty.

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