Two Richmond men charged with stealing luggage from Greyhound bus

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A bizarre theft case out of Richmond. Two ex-cons are accused of stealing luggage at the Greyhound bus terminal on North Boulevard.

The prosecutor handling the case says if it weren't for an observant Richmond police officer, the bags would have disappeared and at least six people would be without their belongings.

It may have been the last thing on the minds of six people - their bags just walking away - when they boarded a bus in late March. But they did, says Richmond Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Alex Taylor.

Derick Frazier and Saunders Lockley are now each charged with felony grand larceny.

"They literally were scoping out certain passengers certain luggage and took luggage from under the bus," said Taylor.

But Taylor says the two men, who both have prior felony convictions, didn't get far. Taylor says a Richmond police officer thought there was something suspicious about the two men walking away from the bus loading area with several pieces of tagged luggage. Taylor says the men ran from the officer, but were arrested shortly after.

A Greyhound spokesperson says she wasn't aware of the baggage thefts, but says the company handles more than 20 million bags each year and less than half of one percent are reported missing.

Greyhound recommends passengers place identification tags both inside and outside their luggage and never check valuables.

At Richmond International Airport, baggage thefts aren't an ongoing problem says a spokesperson. The carousels are generally attended and airline baggage service offices are nearby. The baggage area is also under surveillance.

Taylor says Frazier and Lockley may not have known they too were being watched at Greyhound.

"The security at the bus station will continue to be vigilant to prevent this from happening in the future," said Taylor.

All the bags were returned to the passengers. Taylor says the surveillance footage will be used as evidence in the case. Both men remain in jail. Frazier will go to trial, in late August. A trial date has not been set yet for Lockley.

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