Remembering Michael Jackson in Richmond

As Michael Jackson's sudden death sends shockwaves through the entire world, local fans are mourning the loss of the King of Pop.

We stopped by the busy Krispy Kreme shop on West Broad Street this morning. Jackson's death is just about all anyone can talk about today.

It would be tough to find anyone who doesn't know the name -- Michael Jackson. Even people that aren't necessarily a fan of his music, know of his legend.

As his face has graced the media since he was just a child.

A life cut short -- the news of Jackson's death is making it's way around the globe, and certainly here in Richmond metro area.

"I'm just very's very sudden, and I can imagine that a lot of people are feeling a lot of emotions very suddenly, so its pretty dramatic."

Ricky Reese's sentiment is shared by lots of Richmonders -- including his father.

"I guess my heart was saddened a know he was 50 years old," Reese Sr. said.

Despite many years of controversy surrounding the pop king -- no one can deny that his music spans generations...and has touched the lives of many.

"You know 'Thriller,' you know everyone remembers that cause it was so ground-breaking...very interesting," said Brianne. "I think everyone is going to be talking about it for quite a while now cause I mean he had a great impact on so many lives."

A pop icon...Jackson was ground-breaking in not only his music...but his dancing. Something that reminds many of another music legend.

"I mean it's pretty crazy," said Alyssa Alvarez. I mean it's like Elvis dying for the older generation, you know that's like Michael Jackson dying for us...he was the king of pop."

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