Help for Virginia's small business owners

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A loan workshop hosted by the Retail Merchants Association.

These days everyone is trying to cut down on costs, and small businesses like the ones here in Carytown are no exception.   But right now, many small business owners might be wanting to spend extra money to stock up on inventory for the upcoming holiday season. It's where a loan could come in really handy.

"That's all we need is a push," said Bob Shiro, small business owner.  "The business is there and it's starting to come around, but it's still tight."

Bob Shiro is the owner of House of Carpet: a small business in Chesterfield County.

He came out to this loan resource day.  The workshop put small business leaders and bankers under one roof -- to talk about loan options.

Shiro says it was a big help.

"We're hands on operators, so this is important for us to be able to see multiple people at one time, we don't have to go 4, 5 or 6 places and take time out of our business," said Shiro.

Linda Heath is a former banker and business owner who now works as a liason between the two.

She says banks have to make loans.  It's part of their revenue stream.

And small businesses are often a safe bet.

"They're the ones creating jobs and that's really important," said Linda Heath, business consultant.  "This whole economy for decades has been driven on consumption and people can't consume if they don't have good jobs, so small businesses are doing a lot of innovation."

If you didn't make it out to today's workshop, don't worry.   The Retail Merchants says they can send you the information or you can attend one of the workshops they have planned in the future.

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