Marshall named CAO finalist

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After a five and half month search, Richmond's mayor has named his pick for a top city job. Monday night, Jones formally introduced Byron Marshall of Austin Texas as his choice for Richmond's chief administrative officer.

Now he's asking city council to support his nomination to run the day to day operations at city hall.

"It's got great potential, the waterfront the number of fortune 1000 firms that are here," said Byron Marshall.

He's been in town all weekend from Austin Texas and he's already seen some areas he'd like to tackle.

"The streets, there are a fair number of potholes where utility companies have appeared to cut the street and not patched them very well. There are some areas where grass needs to be cut," said Marshall.

Marshall is the president of the Austin Revitalization Authority, an agency that fixes up blighted neighborhoods.

Mayor Jones says that's just the experience he was looking for. Marshall's also worked in Houston, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

Monday night, Marshall frankly and publicly tackled tough questions that have been raised about his prior jobs, particularly an audit being conducted at his current agency.

"There's no determination that there's not been any impropriety nor has there been any suggestion that there has been. I think to some extent it's been a little politicized," Marshall said.

Mayor Jones wants Marshall on the job by August 1. He'll have to get through the city council first, which will hold a special meeting next Wednesday. Jones needs five votes to make Marshall the next CAO.

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