Richmond school district releases audit of payroll and human resources

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some things need to be fixed in the Richmond school system. That's the word from a new audit of the district's Personnel and Human Resources Departments. The Richmond city school board just released the findings.

Both reports show plenty of problems with the way the district hires, fires and pays their employees. But District Superintended Dr. Yvonne Brandon said identifying the problems is the first step in fixing them.

Two separate reports, with close to 100 pages combined of issues that independent auditors believe need to be fixed, to get the Richmond city school district running efficiently.

"We have already started putting some of these things in place and this is part of our effort to be more transparent," said Dr. Brandon.

But the truth can sometimes hurt. And these reports do not shy away from serious issues within two vital district departments.

For instance, the payroll department audit suggests that stronger management and oversight is an immediate necessity.

It also says that a lack of oversight has allowed more than a dozen employees to be overpaid  by a total of $50,000 more than what they earned over the course of three years. They also have no mechanism to get the money back if the employees leave the district.

Meanwhile the auditors also recommended that a updating of the departments procedural manuals and stricter guidelines when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Dr. Brandon said the district's work is ongoing, and by showing the public what is wrong, she hopes that taxpayers see they are working to get things correct.

'We are going to utilize the dollar in a way that they expect from us. And that is to be more efficient with the use and to drive much fiscal resources to the classroom as possible," Dr. Brandon said.

And the district does not plan to waste time getting to work on implementing the recommendations.

Many of the new standards are expected to be in place as soon as this fall.

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