Beating the heat: Staying safe at outdoor events

By Matt Butner - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The soaring temperatures don't have to put a damper on some outdoor events scheduled this weekend around Richmond.

You may not enjoy the heat, but you can still enjoy the fun, just by planning ahead.

"Definitely any time you're looking at 97 degrees and high humidity in beautiful Richmond Virginia and it's not even August yet, obviously people are concerned," said Rick Curry, Richmond VA Tech Alumni Association President.

With these concerns in mind, organizers of the central Virginia wine festival have decided to let patrons bring their own water to the event. Two bottles, 20 ounces or less per person, unopened. They are also setting up tents to help shield people from the elements.

"Shade and liquids will not be a problem at all," said Curry,

But just in case, organizers say medical personnel will be on hand to handle emergencies. Rob Lawrence of the Richmond Ambulance Authority says these precautions are crucial.

"All things in moderation.  Drink plenty of fluids, not necessarily alcohol and also not caffeine based, or with a high sugar content," said Lawrence.

In short, Lawrence says, anyone attending an outdoor event should drink water along with your beverage of choice, because alcohol and caffeinated drinks alone won't keep you hydrated. And wherever you are, some simple planning can ensure a good time:

"Maximum sun block, wear a shirt, wear a floppy hat, wear loose-fitting clothing, make sure to look after yourself," Lawrence said.

If an ambulance ride isn't part of your weekend plans, you should follow this expert advice when heading outside in this weekend's heat.

"Take things very easy, slow down a little bit, drink plenty of fluids. We're always there for you, but help us help you by not becoming an accidental casualty," said Lawrence.

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