NBC12 Viewpoint: WWBT's DTV switch woes

By Don Richards, NBC12 Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - On Friday June 12, NBC12 turned off our analog signal and switched to our new digital channel assigned to us by the FCC.

For the viewers who receive television on cable or satellite the change was instant and easy. For the rest of you who receive some or all of your TV with an over the air antenna it has been anything but easy.

We have been swamped with calls. Many viewers have had difficulty tuning in NBC12 on their converter box. While we have been able to help a number of you through our Call 12 center, others have lost our signal completely.

The fact is that many TV stations around the country like NBC12 who were moved to a new VHF digital channel have experienced the exact same problems.  It has been very frustrating for you as viewers and it is certainly an enormous frustration to us.

We are the station you have counted on for local news and entertainment and to be On Your Side.  We pledge to continue working with the FCC to find solutions for the viewers we have lost and to restore their signal. We regret this inconvenience to you and we sincerely thank you for the gracious patience you have shown.

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