Police seek 3 suspects in daytime shooting

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Police are on the hunt for three suspects in a shooting that took place just steps away from a school. It happened in the 1700 block of W. Moore Street, which is located behind the Maggie Walker Governor's school.

This is easily the most serious crime reported here in the past three months - which is why neighbors say it changes their whole perception of living here.

"This is just out of the blue, like, summer break-in. Kinda shocking," said neighbor Otis Rogers.

Police say just before 4:00 p.m. they got a call for a shooting. About that same time a man showed up at VCU Medical Center with at least one gunshot wound to his lower body. Within an hour investigators developed three suspects, all between the ages of 21 and 30.

"Peaceful neighborhood. It shouldn't be no problems like this," Rogers said.

Generally, that's been accurate. A check of police reports dating back to March shows the most common problem here in the Newtowne West neighborhood is drunkenness. There were also four fights, and a drug bust. But now, at least one neighbor sees things differently.

"Never know what could happen. Somebody just grab you out the blue. Or you might get shot or something," Rogers said.

Police continue to investigate, hoping someone here knows how it all went down.

"They're still kinda canvassing the area, interviewing, looking for people who have seen or heard anything. Just looking for anything that might be a clue as to what happened this afternoon," said police spokesperson Dionne Waugh.

The victim is expected to survive though it's still unclear how he got to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound.

The motive for all this is unknown.

Again, police are looking for three men. Police describe them as:

  • 1) Black male. Light complexion. 24-25 years old. 5'9'', 200 pounds. Wearing all black clothing, black baseball hat.
  • 2) Black male. Medium complexion. 30 years old. 6'0'', 160-170 pounds. Long braids, blue jeans, white t-shirt.
  • 3) Black male. Dark complexion. 21 years old. 5'7'', 165 pounds. Black top, white shorts, twist braids.

Police believe the suspects rode in a dark colored, 4-door vehicle. Anyone with information can call 514-TIPS, or 780-1000.

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