Local church shops for the hungry: $10,000 worth of food donated

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local church went on a shopping spree Tuesday, buying canned goods to help feed the hungry. Members of Mount Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries brought the truckload of food to the Central Virginia Food Bank for distribution throughout the Richmond area.

This was no ordinary trip to the grocery store.

"I do my own shopping, but I've never had to shop for an amount like this before," said Church member Dyan Greggs.

Each of these four cans was rung up over a thousand times. The final tally - $10,000 worth of canned meat and fish - all destined for the Central Virginia Food Bank.

"The people who are members of Mt. Gilead who give on a regular basis: that was the pool of money that was used to make this purchase today. So it's through their commitment really that this was able to happen," said Juliette Davis COO, Mt Gilead FGIM.

At the food bank, demand is heating up. The economy continues to struggle, and now, thousands of children are getting out of school for the summer.

"School being out for the children we serve is a very unhappy thing, because most of them receive free and reduced breakfast and lunch, and when school is out, there is none," said Fay Lohr, CEO of Feed More Inc.

That's why Mount Gilead's donation is so timely. It's also important because canned meat and tuna are among the most important items the food bank provides.

"We expend a thousand cans of tuna fish a day. So people come in and see the few cans there and say oh, you've got tuna, but when you realize that a thousand cans go out a day, it takes a lot," said Lohr.

Thanks to one trip to the grocery store, the food bank's shelves will be stocked with tuna a little longer.

"I was up there about an hour and a half ringing up the food. Yes, it sure is worth it. It sure is worth it," said Gregg.

In all, Tuesday's donation brought in over 300 cases of canned meat and fish. Food bank officials say that's enough for about 4,000 meals.

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