New program for job hunters

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Thousands of laid off workers in Richmond are now searching for their "next steps", which also happens to be the name of a new program that attempts to be the answer.

Its helping folks get back in their fields or start whole new careers. "Next Steps" is a four week program that's just begun its second session. It helps displaced workers figure out what's important to them before they take the next step in their careers.

"Walked out on November 12 and said what am I going to do?" said John Sarvay.

This program is the brainchild of John Sarvay. He was laid off from Luckstone in November and quickly decided to start his own company. Now he's helping others decide what's right for them.

"Just everybody has got a different story. Some have kids in college; others are at risk of losing their homes. I mean everybody's coming at this with anxiety and uncertainty," said Sarvey.

48 people in the room are meeting for the first time trading ideas and strategies.

"My fiancé found this particular opportunity on twitter and I thought wow that's exactly what I need," said Lee Ann Waldbauer.

Waldbauer lost her job last month.

"Everybody that I know right now is going through some type of job swirl. Whether it's the anticipation of the shoe dropping or just not knowing what they're going to do when it does drop," Waldbauer said.

The program is designed to help folks find their core values.

"The challenge is help people repackage themselves and reinvent themselves and be able to figure out what's important to them," said Brenda Lowry, Next Steps Organizer.

This could even lead people to new job opportunities.

"We all have something to give to the group and we all have things we can take away from people and their experiences." Lowry said.

The program costs $35 and meets on Monday mornings. This session is full, but organizers are planning to hold a third session in august if there's enough interest.

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