Community reacts to fatal shooting

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Mixed reaction from a southside community where police say it appears an argument led to murder.

Richmond police arrived on scene at the Auto Plus on Westover Hills Boulevard to find a man shot to death.

There's a police precinct just down the road from the crime scene, so lights and sirens are common sights and sounds on that portion of Westover Hills Boulevard.  But for residents who live just across the street from where a man was shot to death Saturday night, the gunfire is hitting a little too close to home.

After hours combing the scene for evidence, another day brings no new answers. Police identified the victim as Paul Brown, 32, but for residents who live just across the street from the repair shop, it's the shooter they want identified.

Yesterday's killing is only the latest incident to worry Charlotte Sexton.

"We've heard gunfire here before," said Sexton.

Before Saturday, Sexton was only afraid at night, but since shots broke during daylight hours, she's wishing she could afford a new home in what she calls "a safer neighborhood."

"It's scary because now you're afraid to come out in the daylight unless you have somebody with you," said Sexton.

Quiana Scott and Tee Cates moved to the area last month.  While the two were outside yesterday evening, they didn't hear any gunfire.  It's a noise they say they'd recognize after living in Fairfield Court.

"It's kinda sad because you look at it, that's somebody's child that's gone.  But people kill over so little things nowadays it's not really surprising," said Cates.

"Stuff actually happens everywhere, that's why I'm not surprised.  You could be anywhere and anything could happen at anytime," said Scott

They are, however, hoping that "anywhere" will be a place a little further from home next time around.

Police have not made any arrests in the case. If you have any information you can call the Richmond police tip line. That number is 514-TIPS.

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