UPDATE: Man arrested for attempting to abduct four-year-old

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The attempted abduction is the latest run in with the law for 46-year-old William Scott Baker. We checked out court records and found a laundry list of charges. In court Monday morning, Baker blamed Saturday's incident on alcohol.

"I'm sorry if I scared anyone. This is a great big misunderstanding. And I have an alcohol problem," said Baker.

While the judge repeatedly told Baker to keep quiet Monday morning, those are the words he used repeatedly to defend himself. Those outbursts came before the judge appointed defense lawyer Charles Homiller to the case.

"As a defense attorney I do cringe when I hear somebody start talking," said Homiller.

Baker faces multiple charges - one for attempted abduction, three for assault and battery and one for being drunk in public. The charges stem from an incident where Baker allegedly tried to take a four year old girl from the back of a car but her relatives and good samaritans surrounded and detained him.

Baker is no stranger to the Henrico county court system. We found more than a dozen charges dating back to 2000. They include DUI, being drunk in public, and public swearing or intoxication. These most recent allegations are striking fear in the hearts of neighbors.

"Scared to death. Absolutely frightened. I would never have thought something like that ever," said a neighbor.

One neighbor says she's seen Baker's drunken outbursts.

"He is affectionate I think sometimes when he's had too much to drink and he doesn't necessarily know some of the kids that I watch and it gets a little uncomfortable and you don't want to make it worse," she said.

Baker asked to be placed in some sort of treatment program, but the judge denied that request. He remains in jail Monday night.

"Oh I'm sure this is a huge cry for help, absolutely. I don't think he would stop until he's forced to," the neighbor said.

If given the maximum on each of the charges, Baker could face up to eight years in prison. His lawyer says he expects to file a bond motion next week. We contacted the commonwealth's attorney; she says given the severity of the circumstances, bond is unlikely.

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