UHF/VHF antenna needed to get all channels

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The digital transition was supposed to be complete at four o'clock Friday morning. But the work goes on for many in Metro-Richmond who can't find channel twelve. Calls have been coming in since the switch took place before dawn.

Let's say you're watching us now - but you have a spare TV somewhere on a converter box. You've scanned, and re-scanned. And if that one still doesn't pick up channel twelve - the issue could be the antenna.

Jerry Music has a new converter box on his old analog TV. But when he turned it on this morning, he still had a problem.

"Well, when I got up, I rescanned. I knew that had to be the first thing that had to be done. And when I rescanned, everything went according, but it did not pick up one of the channels," Jerry said.

Sure enough - channel 12 was the one not working.

"There's gotta be an obvious reason since all the other channels work, and work well," he said.

Naturally, this concerned us a great deal. Here's what happened to people not on cable or satellite. When the switch happened at four a.m., our signal simultaneously changed from UHF channel 54, to VHF channel 12. The issue could've been Jerry's indoor antenna.

"Some of the antennas early on that were sold as digital antennas, digital ready, were digital only. And we have moved to a VHF channel. We were on channel 54 and we've moved back to channel 12 which is a VHF channel," said Tom Ogburn, WWBT Engineering.

But Jerry's antenna, which has two long rabbit ears and a smaller loop in the middle, is a good one. So we tried one more thing.

After rescanning again, Jerry turned his converter box off, and then back on. And after waiting just a few extra moments, it worked.

"We've had several viewers I've talked to that have had to cut off their converter boxes and back on to get channel 12 once we've moved," Tom said.

Now that may not work for everyone - but in Jerry's case, it did the trick. So, to recap, make sure your antenna is for both UHF and VHF signals. That's just one idea for what's clearly, not an easy process.

Some people may have to physically type in "12.1" or "12-1" and then hit "enter" on the remote. No matter what, you can call the call 12 volunteers to help you out. They're here Friday night until 11:30 p.m., and will be back Saturday morning starting at 6:00 a.m. Just dial 345-1212.

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