June 11: Restaurant Report

By Ashley Swann - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 28 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report. We start in Henrico, where an insect made a not-so-appetizing appearance.

We stopped by Eastern Buffet (7586 West Broad Street) to inquire about 7 critical violations found during an April 16th inspection. This is the Henrico restaurant's second time on the critical list this year, and this time there was one violation in particular that caught our attention: a roach found inside sauce on the cook line.

We were intially told to wait for the person in charge, but when he appeared, the man said he could not help us.

"Nobody told me.  (You don't know anything about it?) No," he said.

But the health department's follow-up inspection over a week later shows the violations were corrected & that the cleanliness of the kitchen at Eastern Buffet is now much improved.

Moving on to Richmond, Ann's Soul Food (216 East Broad Street) with 6 critical violations. Among them, raw fish, hamburger & eggs stored over ready-to-eat corn bread, rice & macaroni & cheese. An inspector cleared the restaurant of violations during his next visit.

China Wok (2010 S. Sycamore Street) in Petersburg also makes our list with 7 critical, including food in contact with soiled equipment or utensils. A follow-up inspection has not been posted.

And finally, in Chesterfield, Jersey Mike's (2709 Buford Road) with 8 critical violations. An inspector found multiple cold food items holding at improper temperatures. A follow-up inspection shows everything has been corrected.

Now for tonight's Hall of Fame, our award goes to Qdoba (4501 South Laburnum Avenue) in Henrico for a perfect inspection April 7th.