NBC12 Viewpoint: Digital TV transition

By Don Richards, NBC12 Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The digital TV transition is at hand this week. This Friday morning June 12 we are turning off our analog signal and broadcasting 100% in digital.

For the vast majority of you who are watching us on a cable or satellite service this change does not affect you. But for those of you who receive us with an over the air antenna...you will need to take one more important step.

In order to receive NBC12 over the air you will simply need to re-scan your digital ready TV or converter box to receive our digital signal. This step is quick but very important.

Even if you have already been watching our digital signal over the air you will still need to re-scan on Friday to receive the NBC12 digital channel. We will be taking calls to our Call 12 lines throughout Friday and the weekend to help our over-the-air viewers take this final important step.

For all our viewers I would like to thank you for your patience throughout this transition. We look forward to bringing you the highest quality television picture and programming for many years to come.

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