Hanover elementary student has swine flu

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A Hanover county elementary student is recovering at home from the swine flu. It's the latest confirmed case in our area since three teenage inmates in Bon Air came down with the virus last week.

A letter went home with Pole Green Elementary students Tuesday. The school, which doubled as a polling place in the Democratic Primary, was wiped down with disinfectant - a practice school officials say they've increased since swine flu made headlines in April.

"My concern I guess is the exposure," said Hanover parent Valerie Dillard.

She now has a few things to talk about with her son before he returns to school for the final three days. She says his teacher broke the news.

"Actually it did catch me by surprise I didn't think it would hit this close to home," said Dillard.

Hanover school officials say a third grader got sick last week. It was confirmed as swine flu Tuesday. School officials say some other children had flu-like symptoms last Friday. But because of privacy reasons, health officials couldn't say whether others from the school were being tested.

Edward Wall wasn't aware his polling place had a confirmed swine flu case. But wasn't the least bit concerned.

"No and as a parent no concerns the flu is the flu a lot of people get sick every year from it," said Wall.

Dr. Brooke Rossheim, Acting Director for the Chickahominy Health District, says they would have intervened if they thought there might be an issue for voters. Confirmed H1N1 cases in Virginia now stand at 63.

Last week, three teens at the Bon Air Juvenile Detention Center got sick. But state health officials say there are no new cases at the facility.

"This is a virus that appears to be lingering around that's what we're seeing," said Dr. Rossheim.

He says since it's not known what will happen with the virus this summer or fall, it's best to stick to good hygiene practices. Something Alex Dillard says he already does.

"Wash our hands and cover our mouth when we sneeze or cough," said Alex Dillard.

As far as this latest case, state health officials say there was no hospital stay involved and the girl is doing well.

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