Fight just the latest example of problems

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New information Tuesday night on the North Side fight that has a lot of people talking.

Richmond police have charged two juveniles with "Assault on a law enforcement officer." A third juvenile was charged with "Threatening bodily harm."

This all comes after a chaotic scene unfolded on Garland Avenue Monday night, featuring one young man with a large knife. Now, we uncover more problems that have neighbors on edge.

Violent crime on that part of the North Side is up 28% compared to last year. But neighbors are vowing to help the police brings those numbers down.

It was just a short while before all heck broke loose at Angela Taskerville's house that she talked to us about living on Garland Avenue.

"I love kids, so my house is usually where all the kids is," Baskerville said.

But we noticed several handwritten signs on the house that say "No Trespassing."

ANDY: Sometimes one sign's enough, but how come you have four?

ANGELA: Because I wake up 2, 3 o'clock in the morning, people use my electricity box. I can't come outside and get a breath of fresh air.

We had no way of knowing that just minutes later, her yard would indeed be full of some very aggressive kids. A chaotic scene - that came as little surprise to those who live nearby.

"Oh, I've seen hand to hand drug dealing , I've seen the prostitutes working the Boulevard, Brookland Park Boulevard, North Avenue," said Ken Wall of the North Central Civic Association.

A check of police reports reveals that just in the past month - police made two drug busts on Garland Avenue. Two cars were stolen from Barton Avenue. And a burglary happened on Fendall Avenue. So police intend to focus on curfew enforcement.

"That way they don't become a victim of crime, and they don't become part of the criminal element," said Richmond Police Lt. Brian Corrigan.

And neighbors intend to make sure the next fight - is one that keeps their neighborhood safe.

"The citizens that really care, are gonna take our city back. We want a city that we can live in without fear," Wall said.

While violent crime is up - overall crime is down 13% in that area, mostly due to a dramatic reduction in property crime.

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