Primary voter turnout light

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Among many races being decided in Tuesday primary - the democratic candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Election officials say there could be a bit of a surge in voters as people leave work, but with the way things have gone so far Tuesday, it seems unlikely.

Democrats Brian Moran, Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe each want your vote. One thing they can all agree on - Virginians actually need to get to the polls to cast those votes. For Linda Boyce, that choice was a no brainer. She traveled all the way to her polling place on her lunch break.

"I think it's our duty to vote. If we have issues with anything, we don't have a right to say anything if we aren't out here doing our duty, voting," said Boyce.

Dottie Whitlock thinks elections are so important, she's been volunteering where she votes for twenty years.

"I thought it would be fun at first and it was and I enjoy it. It's a long day. You get up early. You get home late, but it's fun," Whitlock said.

But in this race, Boyce and Whitlock are the minority. There are more than five million registered voters for this primary but the state board of elections expects only a three to five percent voter turnout.

"It's been slow. Verrrry slow. At the presidential election we have 100 by seven o'clock and I think we have 7 this morning by 7 o'clock," said

At Hermitage High School where there are almost 3000 voters eligible to cast ballots in the democratic primary, they say they haven't seen more than five people here at one time.

"It is disappointing because people should be concerned about what the government does and they're elected officials who are representing them,"

Again polls close at seven o'clock.  If you are in line at seven, if there is a line of course, you will be able to cast your ballot.

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