New plan keeps stadium on Boulevard

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Baseball on the Boulevard is back in the game Tuesday night. A developer out of Maryland is pitching a new plan to renovate the Diamond.

"Frankly we would love to be part of an ownership group in Richmond. Bring a team, and if we did that we would pay a portion of the cost of construction," said Peter Kirk.

Peter Kirk is with Opening Day Partners. He has partnered with hall of fame Oriole, Brooks Robinson. The two own four teams and have built 14 stadiums.

This is their plan for the Boulevard. An open air stadium with a concourse that wraps around the existing field. The upper deck would be demolished to make way for a club level. It would seat 8,500 and include retail space, a winter ice skating rink and skate park to promote year round access.

"In today's world multiple uses that are being suggested here a year round venue I think makes a lot of sense. It also adds to the successful bottom line," said Mike Berry, General Manager of the Richmond Metropolitan Authority.

The Richmond Metropolitan Authority controls the Diamond.  It's not endorsing the plan, but welcomes the idea. The city also received the proposal, but the mayor's office has not had time to review it.

Charlie Diradour has. He's the creator of the website 
"I have worked for 6 months and seen something great come to fruition this morning and I'm calling on the city's leaders to take a hard look a fiscally responsible way to bring baseball back to Richmond," said Charlie Diradour.

Opening day partners says its plan would cost 28 million.

"There are many of us who would love to help Richmond get quality minor league baseball back. Just as quickly as possible," said Kirk.

Opening Day Partners is hoping to schedule a meeting with the mayor and city council about this plan later this month.

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