Knife fight adds to neighborhood chaos

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Caught on tape - a fight between two Richmond teens turns ugly as one of them brings out a knife and threatens to use it. It happened on the 3000 block of Garland Avenue, on the city's Northside.

This was supposed to be a story about police officers going door to door, listening to neighbors' concerns. And just as we were wrapping that story up a whole new story took place.

We don't really know what made this young man so angry. But we couldn't help but notice that eight-inch knife in his hands. Minutes earlier, he and another young man pummeled each other on the grass as neighbors watched. Others appeared to be involved somehow.

The story behind our camera being there - is one of coincidence. Every other week, the Richmond Police command staff visits select neighborhoods. They knock on doors taking complaints and getting a feel for what's going on. We try to do some interviews, along the way. And after the following exchange, we should've known something wasn't quite right.

ANDY: This your daughter right here?

MOM: This is my daughter.

ANDY: She doesn't want you talking, does she?

MOM: No.

(Daughter pushes microphone away)

ANDY: Don't touch our stuff.

DAUGHTER: Y'all think I'm joking? I'ma knock that camera out.

So we were done with that story, walking back to the car. And that's when the knife came out. By the time the nearby officers sorted everything out, three juveniles were taken into custody - including the young lady who just minutes earlier was yelling at us.

"She keeps kicking us," one officer said.

After the dust settled, police say this is just the kind of problem they're trying to prevent.

"A lot of times, you have young adults, juveniles, and really they're not respecting others. And this was evident tonight. If we didn't get here early enough, who knows what would've happened?" said Richmond Police Major John Keohane.

One girl appeared to be treated for cuts to her arm but she looked okay.

We still don't know what started the fight. We do know that Richmond Police will be carefully enforcing curfew in that area, which is 11:00pm.

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