Stafford county woman sexually assaulted at her own home

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

STAFFORD, VA (WWBT) - The Stafford County Sheriff's office is investigating a sexual assault case in the Vista Woods neighborhood. It happened late Sunday night.

Investigators say a stranger let himself in to a young woman's house and attacked her. Other residents in the area say they're keeping their guard up.

For the last four years, Kristen Hamilton has felt pretty safe, but her worst fear now is.

"That I could be alone one night and it could happen here," said Hamilton.

That sense of security was shattered when word spread a stranger sexually assaulted a woman in her own home in the same community. The attacker didn't need to break in. A sliding glass door had been left unlocked.

"Kind of scary, yeah kind of scary, it is scary," said resident Sue Marcey.

Marcey says as far as she knows a crime like that has never happened in her neighborhood and she's lived here 32 years.

"When it hits in your own neighborhood you become a lot more careful," said Marcey.

Meantime, at Kristen's home, she's pretty sure an intruder wouldn't get past her four legged alarm systems. Kristen says to make sure her sliding glass door is doubly protected, she uses a broom stick handle to secure the lock.

"We always make sure all our windows are locked but definitely making sure ours doors are locked and all that," said Hamilton.

That's one thing the sheriff's office is urging everyone to remember. After all, the attacker is still on the streets.

Investigators have a vague description of the attacker and hope to release more details about the crime in the coming days. Anyone with information about this crime should call the Stafford Sheriff's office at 540-658-4400.

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