Henrico polling site changes for Primary

By Jola Szubielski - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Virginians are gearing up to head to the polls for tomorrow's Democratic Primary.   We're on your side today with some precinct changes in Henrico County.

Before you head out to the polls for tomorrow's Democratic primary, you may want to double check your polling place. Henrico county has moved three of its voting sites.

Henrico County has moved three new polling sites for various reason, but wanted to keep things as convenient as possible.  Precinct 114 is now at Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, which is just a block east on Dumbarton Avenue of the previous location at Overbrook Presbyterian.

Overbrook Presbyterian Church now houses a daycare and can no longer accomodate the volume of voters on Election Day. So starting with tomorrow's primary, the Baptist Church just down the road will be where Summit Court voters will now cast their ballot, sharing it with the current voters from the Hilliard Precinct.

In the Fairfield district, Yellow Tavern will now be housed at the North Park Library.  And in Varina, Chickahominy will now report to the Oak Hall Baptist Church.

Henrico County Registrar, Mark Coakley says "The people that need to know, we did mail voter ID cards."

Some 6,800 voters are affected by the changes.

Coakley says,  "The voters are real familiar with their neigborhoods and it shouldn't be a problem for finding the new spots."

The county isn't adding polling sites, only replacing old locations with new ones to offer better parking and more space.  County Registrar Mark Coakley says last year's election and tremendous turnout led to the changes this year.

Coakley says,  "We did regroup, again we hear from the voters, we hear what their needs are and we try to accomodate them the best we can."

The Registrar's Office is looking at this year's primary as the test run for the big election this November;  the race for Governor.

The County Registrar's Office will be putting up signs at the old locations alerting voters and directing them to the new locations.

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