Fierce competition for (D) Lt. Governor nominee

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - They may not get the same publicity as their counterparts running for governor, but the two remaining candidates for the Democratic Lt. Governor nomination, Jody Wagner and Mike Signer, are competing just as fierce.

A recent poll taken on the democratic primary revealed that an astounding 63 percent of voters had no idea who they were voting for Lt. Governor. If you are among them, here is your chance to meet the two candidates.

"I'm running because I think the office of Lt. Governor can be a people's advocate," said Signer.

"You know Virginia is facing a lot of problems and it is going to take someone who has been in Richmond for the past seven years," said Wagner.

Mike Signer and Jody Wagner have been criss-crossing the state, hoping to get their message out and provide voters, even in a democratic primary, a distinct choice. Rock sold experience vs. bold new ideas.

"I think your experience in the past drives what you are able to accomplish in the future," said Wagner.

Jody Wagner worked for governors Warner and Kaine, serving most recently as Kaine's secretary of finance. But while Wagner's experience is difficult to argue, her 36 year old opponent thinks riding the coattails of two popular governors isn't enough.

"Public servants at their best talk about the future and not the past and this campaign at every turn has been about the future," said Signer.

Mike Signer was the driving force behind the election of upstart congressman Tom Perrillo. He has written books and served on policy boards, but has never worked in an official government position.

They are two distinct choices in a seat that may not get much attention, but plays an important role in Virginia's government.

The winner of the race will attempt to oust incumbent Lt. Governor Bill Bolling from office in the fall election.

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