Fire destroys office building

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Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Fire officials say there was no sprinkler system installed in an office building that went up in flames Saturday night.

The fire broke out around 11:30 in the Southport office park in Chesterfield, located in the 500 block of Southlake Boulevard near Johnston Willis hospital.

Crime tape surrounds the building that Chesterfield firefighters say is a total loss.  Two offices were housed there - Butler Woodcrafters and American Forest Management.  The good news is no one was hurt, and firefighters were able to knock out the flames before they spread any further.

The blaze was so hot that it actually starting cracking windows in this neighboring office, but fortunately firefighters were able to protect the building and neighboring homes.

The Wilcox family lives nearby. They wanted to inspect the damage in the daylight after seeing the commotion late Saturday night. Fay was putting little Cameron to bed when it started.

"I had heard sirens upstairs and I thought they sounded awful close, so I came downstairs the front door was still open, and when I looked out my front door and I could just see a ball of flame over here," said Fay.

Both Fay and her husband Bobby were concerned about their own home and took action.

"It was scary, and that's why he walked over here because you don't know how quickly something like that is going to spread," said Fay.

"If the wind was blowing or something like that it could be sparks coming over near our house or something like that, so I wanted to check on that," said Bobby.

Firefighters battled the two alarm blaze for more than half an hour before getting it under control.

Their biggest challenge was gaining access to the flames. The roof collapsed, forcing firefighters to stay outside the building.

Fire officials say it could take weeks to determine the cause of this fire because of the extent of the damage inside the building.  At this point though, they do not believe there is anything suspicious about the blaze.

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