Laid off worker turns to Ebay for extra cash

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Glen Allen man has taken an unusual step to make some extra cash after being laid off. The method he's using isn't odd, but rather the items he put up on Ebay.

Garth Callaghan says he turned to the popular auction web site after he got a pink slip in February from Sharp Electronics Corporation. On the auction block: his work shirts and other items he used on the job.

Type in the words "laid off" on Ebay and the search results will pull up everything from self help books to an auction for an out of work marketing executive - looking for work. Also on the site, what Callaghan is trying to move out of his closet after being let go from his job of two years.

"So these are the items I am selling," said Callaghan as he showed us the items.

Seven "gently worn" shirts with the Sharp Electronics logo.

"If somebody can sell grilled cheese with a picture of Mary on it on Ebay then I can sell this," said Callaghan.

He says he was a national sales manager for Sharp and sold millions of dollars worth of televisions to Circuit City until his one and only account went bankrupt.

"I truly have no need for this stuff I don't bear any ill will towards Sharp I understand what's going on in the industry but these are too nice of shirts to rip up and wash my car with," said Callaghan.

The auction also includes a calculator and three notepads, minus the pages with confidential pricing information.

Bidding starts at ten bucks. If the final sale exceeds a thousand dollars, he'll throw in a Japanese motivational training tool.

"Things like sales is battle only win exists," said Callaghan as he read off the sheet of paper.

Callaghan says it's worth a shot, every little bit helps.

"There's always a need for revenue stream and this is one choice that I have for revenue stream," said Callaghan.

The auction is up for the next eight days.

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