Man donates $75,000 to repair playground

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local philanthropist has taken upon himself to bring a Richmond playground, destroyed by fire, back to normal.

W.E.C. Singelton is from Midlothian. His mother Ellen Passmore Singelton was a longtime employee of the Richmond Department of Parks and Recreation.

When he heard the George Mason Elementary School playground was destroyed in a fire, he thought of his mother and decided to do what he could to help fix the situation.

He's planning to donate $75,000 to get the playground ready to go by summer, in honor of his mother.

"My mother always said playgrounds were particularly important and this was in the day before their was so much crime and drugs and that sort of thing. But she always said it was important because it gives the kids somewhere to go after school," siad Singelton.

"You need to find spots where young people can go and have fun and be safe. It is just real, real important and this playground is one of those spots," said Donald L. Coleman, Richmond City School Board.

Mister Singelton is on bed rest after serious back surgery and spoke to us over the phone. He won't be able to be in attendance next week when the district hosts a special ceremony in honor of his generous donation.

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