Wal-Mart bringing hundreds of new jobs to Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Wal-Mart is bringing thousands of new jobs to areas across the country - several hundred of those positions will be right here in central Virginia.

Those jobs are coming to the new Hancock Village shopping center in Chesterfield County.  And while the store isn't set to open until August, the discount chain plans to start the hiring process as soon as next week!

The lights aren't on, the huge store signs aren't up and construction workers are still on the grounds, but Wal-Mart is already starting to look for around 300 new employees.  Pete Stith is Chesterfield's deputy county administrator for community development.

"The reaction has simply got to be 'wow!'" said Chesterfield deputy county administrator Pete Stith. "This is a good thing because Walmart is a constant in the marketplace for hiring people."

All sorts of jobs are available at the new store.  Wal-Mart is hiring everyone from store managers and human resource officers to pharmacists, store associates and cashiers.

Wal-Mart tells us the average pay for those full time hourly workers will be around $11/hour.  Since the new store isn't quite ready, the discount giant plans to open an off-site hiring center as soon as next week.

"It gives hope to people. We're real excited about it.  Chesterfield is very gung-ho towards businesses and we think that this economic slowdown is just a small blip on the screen. We'll be coming back full force ahead," said Stith.

In a time when layoffs seem to be more common than job openings, "living better" won't just be a store slogan on Hull Street. For 300 new workers, it could be a reality.

Wal-Mart is expecting to open that hiring center in the next couple weeks. Starting then you'll also be able to apply for positions online. The website link is on NBC12.com, just click on All Access.

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