June 4: Restaurant Report

By Ashley Swann - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Twenty critical violations in this week's Restaurant Report. We start at a west end ale house where we were invited behind the scenes.

Fresh food & hand-crafted beers are what the Capital Ale House on Cox Road in Henrico is known for. So, Vice President Chris Holder says he & his team weren't thrilled when attention was turned to two recent health inspections in which a number of critical violations were found.

Holder says, "It's frustrating, but we understand."

What Holder wants customers to understand is that, as two follow-up inspections reflect, all of the issues have been corrected.

"We certainly don't like having any violations, but when we do - we're glad they're pointed out to us and we try to take the fastest action we possibly can," says Holder.

This included everything from fixing sanitizer levels in a bar sink, to removing dented cans from the store room & making sure the slicer stays spic & span.

Equipment has also been replaced to maintain proper food temperatures & a raw food advisory now appears on all menus. Holder says Capital Ale customers of all four of their Central Virginia restaurants can rest easy that safety is a top priority.

"We try to stay on it and try to make sure that we're serving the best and safest possible food that we can," says Holder.

Also on tonight's critical list, Zhang's Express (7154 Mechanicsville Turnpike) in Mechanicsville with 4 critical violations, including pink mold in an ice machine. A follow-up inspection shows the same problem was found over a month later.

Moving on to Midlothian, Bagel Lox (7036 Woodlake Commons Loop) with 4 critical. Among them, half & half, chicken salad & chicken holding at improper temperatures. The violation was corrected during the inspection.

And finally, Dairy Queen (5201 Oaklawn Boulevard) in Hopewell with 4 critical violations. An inspector observed food employees with soiled hands & arms. All violations were corrected at that time.

Now for this week's Hall of Fame, our award goes to Brock's BBQ (11310 Ironbridge Road) in Chester for a perfect inspection April 2nd!

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