12 on Your Side: Awnings follow-up

By Diane Walker - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A follow up report as 12 on Your Side stays on top of complaints about a local business that got paid but, failed to deliver the product. Since our report last Thursday about Richard Reynolds, and his company, Norvell Awnings, others have called and e-mailed.

Some just wanted to vent about their bad experiences, others asked for our help getting their money or their awnings.

"Take the awnings and give us our money back, is what we would really like to have done," said Judy Knight.

Judy Knight, and her husband, paid $1,300 for one door and two window awnings. She says one is crooked, two are loose, and all three are ripped.

They claim the awnings were not properly anchored to their home so, when the wind blows Judy says they pull away from the house.

"My husband actually has to take a rope and tie it around there and tie it to the deck. To keep it still" said Judy.

Judy's complaint alerted us to a larger problem. Right after Thursday's story, in which we confronted Richard Reynolds, owner of Norvell Awning Company.

The e-mails and calls came in. One complaint as far away, as the Northern Neck, ten, in total. Two requested help getting thousands of dollars back. Others said they settled, after painstaking attempts with Norvell Awning Company.

"Because of the knotting that they did, these are longer than these down here," said Judy. "Pulling it up on one side"

Within hours after interviewing the Knights, they say, Richard Reynolds called. And said he would be at their home, at 8:30 Tuesday morning, to see the awnings and talk about repairs. They waited this morning, Reynolds called, and rescheduled.

"I would like to get my money back," said Judy.

Richard Reynolds says, he sent a crew to Judy's home, twice, and each time they left before doing anything, because she had a problem with the crew. Reynolds rescheduled his visit for Wednesday. Before the week is out, he also says, he will return money in one complaint, and deliver the awnings in another. We will let you know about those and how the others, that have come in to us, since that first report, are handled as well.

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