Moderation is key to staying safe in heat

By Laura Geller - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Organizers pushed back Tuesday night's concert thirty minutes to allow temperatures a little more time to cool down, but that heat did not stop people from venturing out earlier. Everyone we talked to says the same thing; they're enjoying the heat for a little while.

Even in this heat, Tripp Johnson and Fred Ostrow are out for their usual morning tennis match. But as the mercury rises, their wake up calls gets even earlier.

"That's one of the reasons we decided to get out here early. We kinda got in the habit of doing that to beat the heat. On a day like this it's really necessary to do that," said Tripp Johnson.

Even though they're following doctor's advice of avoiding the outdoors during the hottest hours of the day, they're still taking precautions.

"I try to avoid being beaten by this guy and running too hard. I definitely bring liquid, you know constant liquid supply," said Fred Ostrow.

Donna Desantis expected a fun day with her two furry friends at a Chesterfield park.

"We just enjoy the dog park, having fun and getting the dogs out on a great day," Desantis said.

But she arrived to find an empty dog park and quickly found out why.

"It was a little warm over there so we are taking them over to the shade," said Desantis. "They get hot easy. One of them is a long hair Dotson and you just have to keep them in the shade and give them lots of fresh water."

Desantis is following the doctor's and vet's orders when it comes to being out in these high temperatures, moderation is key.

"I'm just getting them out for a little bit and then we're going back home," she said.

Cindy Rogers treated her grandkids to a tasty snack from the ice cream man to help cool them off. But she, as heath officials advise, also came with a plan. You might notice the trend. Her course of action includes moderation and fluids.

"Constantly drink, we're not going to be out here that long and then I look forward to them taking a long nap," said Rogers.

We talked to several counties and cities in the area. None of them have opened cooling centers. Officials say it hasn't been too hot for too long just yet.

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