New BMX track to boost area business

By Nicole Bell - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - A new BMX race track is expected to draw "big crowds" during competitions, and that could mean "big bucks" for local businesses.

There aren't many BMX racing tracks in the commonwealth. This newly constructed track at Virginia motorsports in Dinwiddie is the fifth. Recently named an Olympic sport, BMX racing is growing in popularity.

"I love to get out there and just rip it up" said 16-year-old Dillion Courtois.

The track is expected to draw thousands on race days.

"We have 32 races scheduled throughout this year" said Mike Eden of VA Motorsports Park.

This is good news for area businesses. Employees at the local Quick-Mart say when there's an event at motorsports park sales jump.

"We're the closest store there is and they come right across the street. We get a lot of business" said Kim Pelosi, Quick-Mart employee.

Folks at the track say restaurants and area hotels will also benefit from those coming out to the competitions. That's because many spectators will likely be from out of town.

The BMX bike track isn't only for those who compete, its open to the public for free. For more information just contact VA motorsports park.

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