Republican party settles on November elections ticket

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - The Republican Party has settled on a ticket for the November election.

At their state convention Saturday the party officially nominated Bob McDonnell as their candidate for Governor and decided which other candidates would join him on the statewide ticket.

It was their biggest convention in 15 years.

The Virginia GOP united behind McDonnell, officially named the former Attorney General as their candidate for Governor.

McDonnell's nomination was a forgone conclusion.

The rest of his ticket was up in the air.

Despite a firey challenge, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling was picked to defend his seat and Fairfax Senator Ken Cuccinelli was the overwhelming winner over two others for Attorney General.

"We've seen some primaries in the Republican Party that have gotten pretty ugly in the past," said Attorney General candidate Sen. Ken Cuccinelli. "This one was very substantive, very issue focused and I hope that carries into the general election and beyond."

With inner-party squabbles behind them, Republicans now can focus on their ultimate goal- making Bob McDonnell the first GOP Governor in eight years.

It is a fight, that McDonnell told me afterward, won't be easy as he has already started to dodge Democratic attacks.

Including one that dubbed the new ticket "the most divisive in modern Virginia history.

"The other side is just launching negative, misleading attacks," said McDonnell. "I think we are the positive, energetic party of ideas and that is what I am going to be talking about for the next four and half months."

A campaign that now awaits a Democratic nominee, set to be picked a week from Tuesday.

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