Republican Party of Virginia Convention Comes to Richmond

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It is convention weekend for the Republican Party of Virginia. Party leaders from across the state are in Richmond to pick their candidates for the fall elections.

Republicans are talking about a comeback and they believe that comeback starts right here in Virginia.

Governor Mitt Romney a man, who could be eyeing a run for the White House once again in 2012, said that the governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia could be the start of the turnaround.

He said if the republicans win both, the country will notice.

"That sends a pretty strong signal that conservative principles of keeping government small, keeping taxes down and trying to build jobs in the private sector really is the approach that most Americans find attractive," said Mitt Romney.

Romney told the convention Friday night, that Virginia is still a center-right state and this election will be evidence of that.

But high profile speakers are just one part of the Republican party's plan to turn things around. They are making a special effort to reach out to web savvy voters through social media and the internet. It is a market currently owned by Democrats.

Lindsay Fisher, is a 21 year old active republican on every social networking web site you can think of. She believes her party needs to be as well.

"With Facebook and twitter, it is really easy for young people my age to keep up with that way." said Fisher.

And the grand old party, is getting the new message. They are active on net this week and have even set up a special "bloggers" row, that allows internet reporters a front row seat to the convention action.

Mickey White, the Midlothian writer of believes its about more than just impressing people like her.

"But to introduce those who haven't quite gotten there yet. Maybe they are sifting through the blogs, maybe they are on facebook, but didn't realize you could use this for a political connection." White said.

Ben Tribbett is a Democratic blogger and his  is so popular that when he endorsed Terry McAuliffe for governor, the candidate appeared with him on his blog. He believes republicans won't see that same success until their candidates buy into the idea.

"Our elected officials are participating in the medium, so it attracts more people into participating when that is happening." said Tribbett.

Republicans are hopeful that turnaround begins this week.

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