Henrico School Board Approves Revised Pairing Three Redistricting Plan

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - After months of debate, school leaders in Henrico made a final decision Thursday night on a controversial plan that will change where kids go to school.

The school board unanimously passed the revised version of pairing three. School leaders admit it was a difficult and imperfect process, but one that had to be done.

It was a vote that will impact thousands of children. But it was not one, where Henrico leaders had a choice that would please every parent in the district.

"I would say that where we are with any of the options is that it is imperfect process and there is no way for us to meet the needs of everyone," said Henrico County School Superintendent Dr. Fred Morton.

That process district brought in more than 16,000 different forms of communication, close to 6,000 people. In the end, board members chose the option that many believe is a hybrid of pairings one and two, a revised version of pairing three.

In many ways it was almost anti-climatic. A voice vote without objection, and not one comment during the public forum, Christine Martin was glad it went her way.

"I definitely think community input was key, and it was heard and listened to," said Martin.

But there are people upset. Tara Adams believes the board's decision is like many made by the district that leaves residents in the eastern part of the county behind.

"Nobody was going to be completely happy in the process, we understand that but we could've done a better job with equally distributing the capacity," Adams said.

But the vote is final. Leaving parents and students with a better understanding of where their future is headed. The decision making process was just the first stage in this plan. A new high school is in the process of being built and school leaders will spend the next year preparing to implement this plan set to take effect in the fall of 2010.

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